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About us

PAW BVI was established in February 2014 by a group of animal lovers who saw the need for a spay/neuter programme to address the ever increasing numbers of stray, abandoned and unwanted dogs/cats in the BVI.

We work with the veterinary team at Canines, Cats and Critters, who provide us with amazing vet care at reduced rates. As a non-profit organisation we rely solely on fundraisers and donations to cover our expenses.

We have one day a week when we can send dogs and cats in to be "fixed". These animals are either stray, live at the animal shelter (run by the Humane Society of the BVI) or are owned animals whose owners cannot afford to have the surgery done privately. We also have a number of volunteers who trap stray cats which are then released once they have been fixed. All PAWS are also vaccinated and cats are tested for FIV and FelV.

We also have a number of dogs and cats in foster homes and work with partner rescues in the States to send PAWS to them through our "PAWS in the Air" programme.

In June 2020 we opened our first premises, being a rehab and recovery unit to provide much needed respite to some of our foster animals.

We do not employ any staff and we try as much as possible to keep overheads to a minimum.